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New Miner MSHA 16 hours
Day 1-2 Roster

Certificate Of Completion of  OSHA

OSHA Confined Space Safety

Patrick  Evje   

Yobana Gullen Rosario Corona
 Francisco Mediano   Urbano Reyes  Demetrius Bomer


OSHA Respiratory Protection


Patrick  Evje   

Yobana Gullen Rosario Corona
 Francisco Mediano   Urbano Reyes  Demetrius Bomer
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                                     Causes of accident are:
  • * Falls from Elevation
  • * Falls of Roof and Rib
  • * Operating Mobile Equipment.( Non Qualitified Operators) 
  • * Operating Mobile Equipment.  Using Drug and alcohol
  • * Maintenance of equipment  - Ropes,Harness, Cables
    * Mobile Equipment  Brakes , Warning Lights,
          Warning  bell /Reverce,
  • * Blocking Against Motion Tiedowns, guide wires, Stabilizers
  • * Being over tired / Take brakes  / Don't stay up late

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                                 Simples rules prevent accidents

* Seat belts shall be worn by equipment operators, No riders Holding on side.
* Do Not Use Machinery, equipment, and tools used beyond design
* Obey
Barricades and Warning signs
* Always Wear
Safety belts and lines. / In good condistion NOT FRAYING
* Following  ALL OSHA & MSHA Rules & Regulations
* Report any unsafe conduct on site.
* All equipment must meet OSHA Standards.
* Listen to those with experience
* Watch for potential hazards / Anticipate problems / Be Alert
* Cell Phone Off while engaged in dangerous work situations

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Great Western Painting

Light Pole Painting -Smoke Stack Painting - Water Tank Inspections
  • Industrial Painting
  • Commercial Painting
  • Access and Containment
  • Abrasive Blasting
  • Water Blasting 5,000 + PSI Hot Water
  • Walnut Blasting
  • Shot Blasting 
  • Plural Component Spraying
  • Epoxy Floors
  • MSHA   Mine Safety and Health Administration Certified
  Luminescent Manufacturers   

Acrylic Texture  Acrylic Technologies Acrylic Knock Down Acrylictex

    • Acid Staining, Etching and Stenciling Saftey lines
    • Sealing and Waterproofing Exteriors Floors Roofs
    •  Commercial, Industrial Polymer Floor Coatings
  • Intumescent Fireproofing / Anti Graffiti
  • Secondary Containment  Chemicial
  • Close Proximity Containment
  • Tank Lining - Towers - Tanks - Water Tanks Acid Tanks
  • Electrostatic Coating Powder Coating  Pipe Lining

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